5 Smart Ways to Earn Passive Income in 2020

Hey Ninjas, today we’ll get some knowledge about Passive income and some smart ways to earn passive income in 2020

passive income
passive income

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So, 2020 is known for the worst year known for COVID-19 pandemic at that time you see someone earning money passively.

Now, this is when the bell rings in your mind “maybe I can earn money like him!! But how to make passive income??”. Let me tell you that we have a lot of passive income opportunities in 2020.

So here I come with the Smart ways to earn money online through passively and passive investment ideas in 2020. But before that let us see passive income definition or passive income meaning?. We’ll see what is passive income?

Passive income is the income where initially you have to invest time and money in a particular work and then after some time, it will generate your money without your involvement/presence. And Moreover, having a passive income source is a smart way to earn money these days. and we will see some of the Passive income Examples.

So here are the 5 Smart ways to earn passive income in 2020. And believe me, you can try this:

1)  Start a blog.


There are many passive income types but This is one of the good passive income ideas. Yes!! A blog!! A blog is a website where you post your content in which you are an expert or you can share your experience and you can also post the dish you prepare. And it will cost you hardly 1-2 hours to post on your site. But the question is “how can you earn money from the blog?”. The answer is by publishing ads by Google Adsense on your site. And if you have good traffic you can earn 2,000$ per month. Isn’t it amazing? So, let’s go to the next ways

2) Investing in dividend-paying stock.


This one is the best passive income streams out there. You can invest your savings in the stock which pays a high dividend. And you may get it one’s three months. But be careful while selecting the stocks.

It could generate around 250$-500$ per month.

3) Start an online course.

online course

Nowadays everyone has started their own online course and you can too. There is nothing complicated in it. Just select the niche in which you are expert in. then list the content which you are going to cover up in your course. record the video. And advertise it. that’s it once your course gain popularity you will attracting more customers. and then you can run it in autopilot mode. You can even start the course on some platform-like Udemy etc., Remember you just have to invest your time once! You can earn an unlimited amount of money from it.

4) Affiliate Marketing.

affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, one can promote the products of affiliate partners and what you will get in return is a commission only if the promoted product is sold by you.

Normally. The commission varies from 10-50% per product. yes!! 50% of some affiliate partners ( like amazon, Flipkart) will also give you 50% commission per product.

What will you sell like digital products for example online courses, software tools, and many more? And there is no limit to the profit. You can earn as much as you want! And again, you need to see the product which will make a sale.

An affiliate partner like Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart is a trusted brand that you can trust. And last but not the leastways to make an income is.

5)Create an eBook.


Now, if you are an expert in a particular field and you have a vast knowledge about that niche then you can write an eBook and earn a good amount of money from it. You can sell the eBook at your prize. Or you can sell your eBook on a platform like google books, amazon, eBay, etc.,  and again the main motive of doing all these is to generate income where you don’t have to invest your time every day.

So these where some of the wonderful passive income opportunities that you can earn more and more money.

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